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Tamil Cultural Academy is a registered social & cultural trust and a non – profitable organizationsince 1998. It was formerly known as Tamil Nadu Arts & Cultural Academy. The academy has been an organiser for many cultural programmes with reputed Carnatic Singers; the academy was also an organiser of a number of Tamil Film Industry in recognition of hundreds of Artists for their contribution to the Tamil Arts and Culture. As an evolution The Cultural Academy become Tamil Cultural Academy to promote the Traditional Carnatic Music and Bharathanatyam since 2017.



Mega Isai Vizha is a unique name with intent of recognizing the number of Tamil Poets and Carnatic Music Composers, who were well articulated their devotion through their music centric literatures for several centuries.

“Margazhi” (மார்கழி) month in Tamil has a number of significance. In Bhagavat Gita lord Krishna says “I am Margazhi among 12 months”. Lord Shiva consumed the poison ‘Halahala’ in an act to protect the universe in this month. For the Deva loka this month is considered as Brahma mugurtha. This is the month for Bhakthi and Music in Tamil Culture. Carnatic Music and Bharathanatyam are the cultural wealth mostly belonging to Tamilnadu.

The Trinity of Carnatic music refer to the outstanding trio of composer-musicians of Carnatic music in the 18th century, being Thyagaraja, Muthuswami Dikshitar and Syama Sastri. Their contributions are continuity of Tamil Mummoorthigal – Muthu Thandavar, Arunachala Kavirayar & Marimuthu Pillai of 17th Century. Gopalakrishna Bharathi, the Tamil Poet and Music Composer was contemporary of Thyagaraja. These are some examples of Tamil Culture and Carnatic Music.

Music, Literature, Bhakthi are the tricolors of Tamil Culture. In the memories of Carnatic artists the association Month Margazhi is fabrication of Tamil literature with music and Bhakthi – e.g. Thiruppavai and Thiruvempavai. The songs and poems composed by Mahakavi Bharati, born in December, have become staples in the literary and musical repertoire of Tamil artists throughout the world.

The reason of ‘Margazhi Isai Vizha’ is unlimited in these lines, which Tamil Cultural Academy has the vision to make it as the Mega Marghazhi Isai Vizha in the coming years for the Tamil Cultural followers world-wide.


Tamil Cultural Academy founded by Shri Arokiaraj Jaganathan, was one of the founder of the similar popular event series in Chennai. Shri Arokiaraj Jaganathan has over three decades of experience in Human Resources Development in Technically Unique field of Oil & Gas Exploration. His decades Because of old association in promotion of Tamil Culture has led him to specifically promote the values of Carnatic Music & Bharatha Natyam. He has been with Tamil Nadu Arts & Cultural Academy since 2001 and transformed it to a fullfledged event series of Mega Margazhi Isai Vizha. In his service to the Development of Tamil Culture he has recognized and motivated over one thousand through the Cultural Academy & Tamil Cultural Academy since 2001.


Mr. Arokiaraj Jaganthan Founder, President Secretary
Mr.Sundarean President, Program Committee
Mr. Richard Raj Treasurer
Mr. Chokalingam Treasurer
Mr. Nikkhath Sheriff Vice President
Mr. Panneer Selvam Vice President
Mr. M.R. Baaskaran Vice President
Mr. Ananthsairam Vice President
Mr. K.A. Sivakumar Vice President


Rosaiyya Susikaran President – France Tamil Cultural Academy
Gopala pillai Ganam President - Germany Tamil Cultural Academy
Mr. Mohamed Riyasudeen President - Gulf Region Tamil Cultural Academy
O Raman Singapore

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